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Mississippians Will Finally Be Able to Purchase MMJ Products This Week

By: Buz Deliere | January 24, 2023

After a lengthy process, medical marijuana is set to be available in Mississippi this week finally. Patients across the state have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since Gov. Tate Reeves signed it into law last year - and shop owners are celebrating being able to provide them with the medicine they need!

Mississippi patients like Tom Goldman will finally be able to access marijuana for medical treatment legally. “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long - smoking marijuana legally,” said Goldman - one of over 1,700 participants in the state's program. With this milestone, many chronically ill individuals can look forward to a new level of relief and comfort.

After months of waiting, Goldman finally received the information he had been waiting for. He was recently informed by email that his medical card had been activated by Mississippi's State Department of Health - a momentous event in his battle against Parkinson’s and chronic knee pain.

As more people receive their emails confirming their approval across the state, dispensary owners have noticed an uptick in patients excited to join the system and be among the first to access these new offerings.

Monday was a busy day at local dispensaries as patients, whose medical marijuana cards were just activated, came in to have their information registered in the Mississippi medical marijuana system before products arrive.

Dispensaries could receive inventory as early as Wednesday, with the earliest opportunity for purchase on Thursday morning. It's expected that the dispensaries will be utilizing online ordering systems to help ease the transition into physical store purchases.

For a list of licensed dispensaries and their locations click HERE!
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