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The Chronic Magazine currently boasts an audience reach of 3,000,000+ per month and growing across our different platforms.

The Chronic Magazine is constantly growing and improving. In 2020 The Chronic launched its Digital Marketing Agency to help brands in the cannabis industry replicate similar results that we have achieved for ourselves and others.


Why should you trust your brand and marketing efforts with us versus anyone else?


Simple. Our background is digital marketing. We have been in the space for a long time with proven success. We have had over 100+ posts go viral which has resulted in over 2 billion views. Let us help you be the next brand to go viral. Yes, this is doable in the cannabis industry.

Our online ad positions are first come, first serve. We have 3 main ad positions with 2 others- a pop-up on the homepage as well as a static banner that runs across the site.

No matter what your goal is- gaining new customers, promoting a new product release, location opening, or upcoming event no one gets you in front of the cannabis crowd in as many creative and engaging ways as we do!

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