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Maryland's Cannabis Warning Sparks Controversy: Restaurants Forbidden from Selling Infused Meals

Photo: Infused dinner being cooked by Chef Buz

Only weeks after Maryland legalized recreational cannabis, Montgomery County health officials issued a warning to restaurants that selling cannabis-infused food and drinks is prohibited. As more counties in the state become increasingly more cannabis-friendly the warning comes as a reminder that recreational cannabis may be legal now but serving infused drinks and meals is not.

Montgomery County Health Officer, Dr. Kisha Davis, has taken a firm stance on the use of cannabis, CBD, and THC in food and drink. In a letter addressed to restaurant owners and food operators, she emphasized that these substances cannot be added to any menu items. The reason? The FDA has not granted approval for them as food additives.

Montgomery County Health Officer warns against marketing edible cannabis products as "foods" despite its legality in Maryland.

Davis noted "There is personal consumption. So somebody might want to bake brownies for their own consumption or their friends, that’s still allowed." and went on to emphasize that food establishments are not allowed to sell these products to consumers.

Only cannabis dispensaries licensed and regulated through the state are permitted to sell edibles to consumers Davis said.

Davis went on to say "Marijuana has not been approved as a food additive so it’s not ok to just add it in, and sell it for customers."

Bloom Medicinal is one of the dispensaries permitted to sell edibles to the public, they are located in Germantown.

Carla Johnson of Bloom Medicinals stated "We have COA’s certificate of analysis that tells you all the testing that’s been done. There’s no illegal products in it, you know how much you’re getting of it and there’s no risk of having something dangerous happen."

Johnson also believes that people shouldn't cook with cannabis and they should ask their dispensary how they can safely consume cannabis.

Cooking with cannabis isn't anything new and has been recorded as far back as 2000 B.C. in India. with an overabundance of sweets and snacks that are infused available on the market, it's only normal that people are wanting more savory meal-like options.

The FDA can't ignore this issue forever and they have been long enough, people are trending toward cafe-style experiences, infused dinner parties, and other social ways to enjoy each other and cannabis in a safe and friendly way.

If you're looking for some great cannabis recipes or just want to learn how to infuse your own oils and butter check out our recipe section for amazing cannabis recipes like cannabis infused mac and cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, and even infused pizza.


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