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Curaleaf Suffers Big Setback as It Loses Two Recreational Licenses in NJ

Curaleaf Bellmawr location

In a major setback for Curaleaf, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission's Board in New Jersey has given a resounding no to the renewal of two of its dispensary licenses. Curaleaf, which is one of the biggest names in the country's cannabis industry, has been slapped with this harsh verdict after it announced staff layoffs. This development will no doubt come as a big blow to the company's aspirations for the New Jersey market.

Curaleaf has been informed that both its Bellmawr and Edgewater Park locations will no longer be able to sell recreational marijuana. The company suspects that this decision was made as a result of their choice to streamline their production into a single local facility. In a statement, Curaleaf expressed their disappointment with the board's ruling.

Curaleaf, a leading cannabis company, has spoken out against the actions of the board, claiming that they are driven by political spite instead of following proper regulations.

Despite being in full compliance with the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), the board's actions suggest otherwise. "To be clear," says Curaleaf, "we have fulfilled all necessary license requirements and maintain a good standing with the CRC."

This controversy raises concerns about the political nature of cannabis regulation and the potential impact on the industry in a recent statement, Curaleaf expressed concerns about the potential negative effects that a certain decision could have on both the cannabis industry and its employees in the state. Despite the uncertain future, Curaleaf remains committed to staying open and working diligently with the CRC board to ensure that essential licenses are renewed.


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