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Toxic Highs-Michigan Watchdog Revokes Processor's License, Saying Products Contain Illegal Pot

By: Buz Deliere | February 22, 2023

Tuesday, Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency took serious action against a Lansing marijuana processor by suspending its license after discovering that the products marketed under Fwaygo Extracts' "Space Rocks" were created using both regulated and unregulated cannabis ingredients. Consumers are advised to avoid these items when shopping for marijuana at dispensaries in the state.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has issued an urgent suspension of TAS Asset Holdings' licenses for medical and recreational cannabis. The decision to take action was prompted by the detection of a pesticide known as Bifenthrin in two packages of vape cartridges that failed their safety compliance testing - a substance prohibited from being used with regulated products.

After a failed vape cartridge test, the CRA launched an investigation that uncovered intriguing surveillance footage. It revealed that a different product than what had been initially recorded to the state as compliant were used to make these cartridges prompting immediate concern. Several states have seen an increase in contaminated products ranging from flower to vape carts now that testing for harmful contaminates are becoming a required process in the industry. New York and Vermont have both been plagued with dangerous products before as more black market products flood the newly cannabis legal states.

Brian Hanna, executive director of the CRA said, "The conduct alleged in the formal complaints is a significant risk to the public health and safety of marijuana consumers in Michigan."

In a shocking admission from TAS Asset Holdings, it has been revealed that the company's widely-popular "Space Rocks" product is being made with untagged THCA powder. Further investigation uncovered evidence of illicit marijuana products moving back and forth between unregulated sources at their business.

CRA investigators also uncovered an unlicensed warehouse being utilized by the licensed business. Upon further inspection, investigators found unknown substances wrapped in plastic inside barrels, and two black totes of unknown contents were discovered alongside dozens of untagged cannabis products and mason jars filled with cannabis oil. investigators believe the unknown substances found are believed to be cannabis related but are waiting for further testing.

TAS Asset Holdings remains tight-lipped on the matter, with their attorney declining to comment.


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