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Toxic Highs-Vermont Cannabis Control Board Issues Warning Over Contaminated Weed

By: Marie Scarci | February 3, 2023

On Thursday evening it was reported that Vermount's Cannabis Control Board made the decision to halt sales of cannabis produced by Holland Cannabis after someone revealed they had fallen ill from consuming it. Chair James Pepper emphasized that consumer safety remained a primary concern, and urged people who may have purchased this particular strain to report any adverse effects experienced while using it immediately.

An individual who purchased marijuana from The High Country in Derby has reported suffering from several concerning symptoms, including a headache and nausea. These may be signs of fungicide contamination according to Pepper, presenting an urgent health concern for anyone consuming cannabis products within the local area.

Testing of a recently-obtained sample has identified Holland Cannabis in the Orleans County town of Holland as its source, according to Pepper. This development is sure to raise questions about safety and reliability among cannabis cultivators in the state.

The Cannabis Control Board has uncovered a startling discovery - unregistered cannabis at five stores across the state. The board stated that their inventory tracking system was used to trace it back and all impacted stores have stopped selling immediately while they conduct further investigations into how this happened in the first place. This is yet another reminder of why proper regulation needs to be followed when dealing with such substances!

The Holland Cannabis Control Board has issued a consumer protection warning urging customers to return any flower cultivated by the company currently under investigation. All retail establishments have stopped selling these products as a precautionary measure until further notice regarding safety can be confirmed.

The Cannabis Control Board chair has expressed alarm after the tainted flower from Holland Cannabis was found on store shelves. Investigations revealed that the flower had not been tested according to regulations, prompting concern over how it could have made its way into dispensaries.

Holland Cannabis has come under fire as of Thursday evening when the board revealed that 5 out of 8 strains they are currently selling have tested positive for myclobutanil - an active ingredient found in a banned fungicide.

Pepper stated, “It’s a very common black market (fungicide) that almost every black market cultivator has used at one point in their life.”

Zenbarn Farms in Waterbury, The High Country Cannabis in Derby, The Green Man in St. Johnsbury, Lamoille County Cannabis in Morrisville, and Capital Cannabis Company in Montpelier is where the contaminated flower was sold.

If you have purchased any of the named strains above from any one of these stores, please do not consume it and return it to the store you purchased it from.

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