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Mike Tyson Partners with Israeli Medical Marijuana Company InterCure

Photo: Tyson2.0 website

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is making some serious business moves by forming a partnership with InterCure, an Israeli cannabis company.

Mike Tyson has joined forces with InterCure to bring his medicinal cannabis products to global markets. InterCure will handle the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of Tyson's line of edibles exclusively. This partnership marks the debut of Tyson's cannabis company, "Tyson 2.0," which launched in October 2021.

Tyson said, "I have the greatest team assembled in the world, and I'm very lucky to be in this position."

Tyson, proudly stated that he collaborates exclusively with the most skilled and experienced growers in the industry, calling them the "best in the world." With such a strong network, Tyson's position in the cannabis industry is reaching heavyweight status.

Former Israeli Prime Minister and InterCure Chairman, Ehud Barak was eager to talk about the exciting partnership. He praised the Tyson 2.0 brand, known for its high-quality cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, genetics, and products.

According to Barak, the company plans to take Tyson's products to even more countries, including Germany, Australia, the UK, and various parts of Europe.

Tyson also teamed up with his former rival and fellow champion, Evander Holyfield, for a unique collaboration in the cannabis industry. The two have released a special line of cannabis-infused edibles, aptly named "Holy Ears". This partnership marks a surprising turn of events given their infamous 1997 matchup where Tyson infamously bit off part of Holyfield's ear.

Tyson emphasized that he and Barak are not merely involved in the cannabis industry, but also in the business of healing and addressing trauma.

Mike Tyson's foray into the cannabis industry is certainly a success story, and his partnership with InterCure has opened up many doors. His collaboration with Evander Holyfield that anything is possible when two passionate minds come together to create something special. With such an impressive team of growers and partners at his side, Mike Tyson will surely continue to make waves in the global cannabis market as he works towards healing and addressing trauma through his line of products.


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