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Get Ready For A Smokin' Summer In Maryland As Cannabis Sales Begin On July 1

The State of Maryland has taken a major step towards cannabis reform with Governor Hogan's recent legislation. This bill creates regulations for the sale and use of marijuana, paving the way to full-fledged legalization across all jurisdictions in the state. Most Maryland residents show support for recreational cannabis and the lawmakers have listened.

After a hard-pushed campaign advocating for legalized adult use, Wednesday marked a historic moment for cannabis legislation in the state of Maryland after Gov. Wes Moore (D) sealed his approval of an agreement made reached between House and Senate lawmakers last month.

At a signing ceremony, the governor declared that recreational cannabis in the state will become an instrument of growth and change - with equity at its core. Under this new law, every individual has an equal chance to benefit economically from legal marijuana use.

He said, “The criminalization of marijuana harmed low-income communities and communities of color in a profound way,” and went on to say, “We want to make sure that the legalization of marijuana lifts those communities now in a profound way.”

you can read Maryland's marijuana regulation law passed by lawmakers here SB516 and also HB556, here are a few things you can find in it:

Cannabis users across the state of Maryland are set to be taxed at nine percent, with medical marijuana sales exempt from such taxation. Furthermore, 35% of all generated revenue will go towards a special community reinvestment fund - whereby 50%, in turn, is distributed between local municipalities based on their number of cannabis retailers. A further 5% has been allocated for both a Public Health Fund and a Business Assistance Fund within the same area.

Come July 1, medical cannabis dispensaries that have paid their fee will be among the first to gain dual licensing as recreational and medicinal marijuana become legalized.

Also announced is a final licensing plan, setting the total number of dispensaries to 300, and only allowing 75 growers and 100 processors to obtain licensing.

Cannabis dispensaries across Maryland will now be required to set aside 25% of shelf space for products from social equity licensees, in an effort towards increased representation and diversity within the cannabis industry.

On July 1, citizens of the state will have access to legalized cannabis for recreational use. To ensure that regulations are in place by then, lawmakers had to pass emergency legislation requiring three-fifths of both chambers' votes during their most recent session. With the voter-approved referendum legalizing possession of up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis set to take effect on July 1, lawmakers were presented with a timeframe crunch in order for it to be enacted.

Additionally, adults 21 and older will now be given the ability to grow two plants for their own use and also be allowed to gift cannabis without fear of criminal charges.

In a move that highlights Maryland's dedication to increased civil rights and police reform, state lawmakers recently passed legislation prohibiting law enforcement officers from using the smell or possession of cannabis as justification for initiating searches. This is an important step forward in protecting citizens' freedoms and cannabis reform.

Maryland's decision to legalize recreational cannabis use is a major step forward in reform for the state. The legislation passed by the Governor creates regulations that ensure equitable access to this new industry, while also protecting citizens' freedoms from intrusive searches based on scent or possession of marijuana. With medical dispensaries set to be among the first beneficiaries come July 1st and revenue being allocated towards reinvestment funds within local municipalities, it’s clear that legal cannabis will bring about positive change throughout Maryland – both economically and socially.


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