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Brazilian Scientists Shocked to Discover CBD in This Popular Plant

CBD, a compound found in cannabis, has been detected in a well-known Brazilian plant by scientists. This discovery carries the possibility of creating new pathways to produce the highly popular substance. The lead researcher announced this news on Thursday, showcasing an exciting breakthrough in the field.

A team of researchers has discovered CBD in the fruits and flowers of a shrub called Trema Micrantha Blume, which is commonly found in many parts of South America and is often thought of as a weed.

According to molecular biologist Rodrigo Moura Neto from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, this finding opens up new possibilities for using this plant as a source of CBD.

Medical researchers are investigating the potential of a compound called "Trema" as a treatment. This compound contains CBD but not THC, making it a promising alternative to cannabis-based treatments.

The discovery of a new, legal source of CBD could have significant implications for patients in areas where cannabis use is restricted. Chemical analysis by Neto has confirmed the presence of this compound, raising hopes for its effectiveness as a medical treatment.

"It's a legal alternative to using cannabis," he went on to state that, "This is a plant that grows all over Brazil. It would be a simpler and cheaper source of cannabidiol."

Researcher Neto aims to uncover the most effective methods for acquiring CBD from "Trema" and examine how it can improve medical conditions currently treated with cannabis. Though the results are pending, Neto plans to expand the study to enhance the accuracy of the findings. Stay tuned for more updates.

A grant of 500,000 real (US$104,000) has been awarded by the Brazilian government to his team for conducting research. He predicts that the study will span over five years.

The discovery of CBD in Trema Micrantha Blume is an exciting breakthrough that could open up new pathways to produce the highly popular compound. With a grant from the Brazilian government, researcher Neto and his team are now set on their mission to uncover more effective methods for acquiring CBD from this plant and examining how it can improve medical conditions currently treated with cannabis.

The potential implications of this research could be pretty significant, as it would provide patients with access to a legal alternative source of cannabidiol without any psychoactive effects. We look forward to hearing further updates about these promising findings!

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