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Annual Cannabis Drinks Expo Coming in August to Chicago.

By Therin Miller | August 5, 2022

The third annual Cannabis Drinks Expo, organized by the Beverage Trade Network, will be the place to be in 2022 for anybody interested in the future direction of the cannabis sector in the United States. This event, which will take place in Chicago on August 2nd, 2022, will be the largest worldwide meeting of cannabis drinks experts ever, bringing beverages makers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries, and brewers together in one place for a stunning one-day exhibition.

'Growing The Category' will be the topic this year. The 2022 exhibition will focus on assisting anybody interested in entering the category to study and create new goods, as well as helping established brands to grow into other states by interacting with other state manufacturers.

The expo is a great way for small-big scale retailers and distributors to develop their own brands and find innovative methods to advertise and sell cannabis drinks. It will look for innovative ways to manufacture cannabis beverages to increase end-user market share.

The 2022 exhibition will also focus on growing the entire category by showcasing exhibitors who can help, generating networking possibilities, and concentrating on existing multi-state bottlenecks. Instead of a state-based concentration, the show will have an international and national focus. This is where multi-state operators will gather to identify synergies, do business, and assist the category in expanding.


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