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90 Pounds of Pot Found in a Checked Bag at JFK Airport

By: Buz Deliere | November 29, 2022

Queens, NY - With the holiday season upon us, Transportation Security Administration was given a particularly green surprise at John F. Kennedy International Airport - about 90 pounds of cannabis was discovered in checked luggage.

Despite New York State's recent decriminalization and the President’s pardoning for small amounts of cannabis possession, federal law still prohibits possession of cannabis on flights across America.

The TSA reminded passengers that this is something to keep in mind while traveling during the holidays or any other time throughout the year.

An astonishing amount of cannabis was successfully seized by TSA at one of the busiest airports in the world. Although it's not part of their usual routine, to screen for drugs, but rather to find potential threats to the aircraft. When large amounts of drugs are found they alert the authorities.

The individual who owned the bag was apprehended at JFK Airport for violating federal law by possessing more cannabis than permitted. As part of the TSA's protocol, employees had to alert the police immediately when they suspected there was a violation committed.

A TSA spokesman stated the officers found 30 vacuum-sealed bags each containing about 3 pounds of cannabis.

Port Authority Police arrested the brazen traveler, who has yet to be named, and it’s still unsure what charges are being filed against them. There wasn't any additional information provided at this time.


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