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Wild Heist in Downtown L.A.: Carjacked Vehicle Smashes into Cannabis Dispensary with Driver in Trunk

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a carjacked vehicle was used to crash into an illegal cannabis dispensary in downtown L.A. The suspects were able to flee the scene before law enforcement arrived, and evaded arrest.

Police in Los Angeles rushed to the scene after receiving a report of gunshots near Hooper Avenue and 15th Avenue in downtown L.A. The incident occurred at approximately 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to reports, a black vehicle crashed through the steel gate at the illegal shop very close to the intersection officers were at.

In a brazen incident, five to six suspects allegedly carjacked a driver at Washington Blvd. and Central Ave., forcing the driver into the trunk of the vehicle. The culprits then proceeded to drive to a dispensary and crashed through the front of the building, potentially in reverse.

The victim was released at the scene without any reported injuries and is working with law enforcement.

The suspects made their escape in another vehicle and are still wanted by the police. It's still not determined what was stolen from the break in but police are still investigating the scene.

No information has been released about the owner of the illegal shop or what penalties they could be facing. We will release more information s it becomes available.


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