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Toxic Highs: Oregon Officials Issue Recall of Cannabis Stating A Risk to Public Health

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission announced on Monday that they have recalled numerous batches of cannabis flower that tested positive for harmful contaminants; specifically, aspergillus (mold) and heavy metals like cadmium and mercury.

OLCC discovered the tainted flower after performing an audit of the state's cannabis tracking system, they discovered the contaminated batches were sold at 75 recreational shops throughout the state from January to June 22 this year.

The OLCC has declared that "The products pose a risk to public health and safety (and) should not be sold or consumed."

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is actively working to pinpoint inventory that has been impacted by recent issues. They have also directed all retailers and licensees to cease any further sales or distribution until the issue is resolved.

The contaminated cannabis batches came from a harvest before March 1, stated OLCC. Rules from the Oregon Health Authority stated that all cannabis products produced after March 1 must pass testing for heavy metals and microbial contaminants.

Some of the contaminated strains are CIN X and Golden Glue, grown by Greenworks Farms; Mafia Funeral grown by Rebel Spirit and several strains from Nectar Markets, Llc.

The OLCC issued the recall due to quality control testing results by the producers. These results have shown the presence of microbiological contaminants and heavy metals at levels that could potentially harm public health and safety. To prevent the sale of contaminated products and protect consumers, a recall was necessary. OLCC is urging consumers to take note of this notice.

You can see the full list of recalled products HERE!


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