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Risky Business-Drug Smuggling Deputy Narc'd Out

By: Buz Deliere | January 5, 2023

Photo credit: WFLA

On Thursday, in a press conference attended by numerous media outlets, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister made the startling announcement that an HCSO deputy had been taken into custody.

This development comes after months of investigation and highlights Sheriff Chronister's commitment to justice within his department.

The Jail Intelligence Squad uncovered that one of their own, 25-year-old Terry Bradford Jr., was reportedly selling cannabis-laced edibles to inmates at Falkenburg Road Jail.

According to Sheriff Chronister, this illicit activity came into light via an informant's tipoff and represented yet another example of dangerous contraband entering our county jails.

On Jan. 4, officials uncovered a shocking discovery when Bradford entered the jail with over one pound of cannabis-laced brownies that had been individually packaged for sale. According to Chronister's comments, the goods were being secretly sold to the inmates in exchange for CashApp payments made to Bradford.

Allegations have surfaced that Bradford may have profited several thousand dollars from the illicit transactions. Although the sum is believed to be several thousand dollars, authorities caution it could rise as their investigation progresses. It remains unclear if other deputies are implicated or not either.

Chronister went on to say, " I don't ever want the actions of one deputy sheriff to reflect the hard-working, dedicated, and selfless service of the men and women that are the Hillsborough County sheriff's Office."

In order to ensure the staff can not bring contraband into the jail, the sheriff's office has taken proactive steps by bringing in a new food contractor who offers hot and healthy meals for employees. This will help limit the opportunities employees have to try and sneak contraband in. The loophole in this idea is employees who have dietary restrictions or medications that must be brought from home.

After a year and a half of service to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Bradford has been fired following an investigation. He was previously employed by the Florida Department of Corrections in Zephyrhills prior to his time at HCSO.

He is facing serious charges after allegedly introducing an illegal item into a detention facility, as well as being found with a controlled substance.

Sheriff Chronister has hinted that those inmates who are connected may face additional charges, though it remains unclear who is implicated in this incident.


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