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Reviewing The Original Tank Beaker 12" Bong

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

By: Buz Deliere | The Chronic Magazine


If you've been searching for the ultimate smoking experience, look no further than The 12" Original Tank Beaker. Boasting a lifetime warranty and American-blown 9mm reinforced glass construction, this bong stands up to its name.

With Tank Glass, you can enjoy the peace of mind that if you accidentally knock it over it won't be destroyed. Not only does it come with all the basic necessities such as a 14mm tank bowl and downstem; but it also features an ice ring catcher - perfect for those icy cool hits that even experienced stoners love.

I was fortunate the people at Tank Glass sent over their Tactical Bowl and Adjustable Metal Downstem for me to try out also. I'm not going to lie I was very excited to be given the opportunity to try this bong out.

Tank Glass Bong
The Original Tank Beaker is the last bong you'll need to buy for your collection

At first, one might think an unbreakable bong will be heavy but it's not, the size and shape are balanced for a comfortable feel when holding it with one hand. I used the tactical bowl and metal downstem setup with some ice in it as well. The bong pulled very well and I quickly heard the infamous "gurgling sound" associated with bongs, that filled the chamber with thick chalky white smoke.

It did make me a little nervous about how much smoke and how easily I filled it, but when I cleared it, it was smooth and I just tasted the herb. I was a little curious how the tactical bowl and downstem might affect the flavor of my cannabis but I couldn't taste anything but the terpenes in the flower.

I can already tell that this bong will be very easy to clean and the metal downstem and bowl, made with aircraft-grade aluminum, will also come apart and clean with ease thanks to their non-stick finish. It also looks like the barrel of a tank gun, a very cool looking design that is functional.

Tank Adjustable Metal Downstem and Tactical Metal Bowl

I feel like this bong is versatile in its range of uses, being dubbed the world's first unbreakable bong, I could see it being a great travel bong for the backpack for festivals or cannabis events. While also being a great everyday use bong for at home, by yourself, or with friends. I've broken several bongs in my past and knowing that a little accident from a clumsy friend that's too high or if I'm reaching for the remote and knock it over that it will live to see another day.

The 12" Original Tank Beaker is reasonably priced compared to other current bongs on the market but stands out by being unbreakable and offering a lifetime warranty on their products.

The 12" Original Tank Beaker is an excellent choice for anyone, from the everyday smoker to the novice smoker looking to try something new. It offers a great look and design that feels good in your hand while delivering smooth and flavorful hits every time. The tactical downstem comes with additional pieces allowing you to adjust the size to fit with other Tank Glass bongs and comes apart easily for cleaning.

I give this bong 4.75 tokes out of my 5 tokes rating scale and I highly recommend adding this bong to your collection, you will not be disappointed.

1 comment

1 Comment

Michael Mlodzik
Michael Mlodzik
Jan 24, 2023

I have the 8 inch mini beaker and the 12 inch straight tube. Absolutely amazing build quality and function.

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