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Reviewing Savage Extracts Diamond Live Resin Carts

I had the opportunity to try out a new product by Savage Extracts, their Diamond Live Resin disposable cartridge. I must say I was impressed, the flavor was amazing and wasn't harsh at all. The sleek and discreet design makes this device easy to take with you anywhere and use without drawing attention. I will state that the smell with remind you of some fire cannabis and not the fruity smells traditionally associated with standard THC vape carts. This isn't your standard cart though, Savage Extracts went above and behind when developing this product and they use only the best flower from Vice Farms. I had the opportunity to try out all three of their Diamond Live Resin carts, Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica and here's what I thought.

Sativa Cart

Personally, I prefer indica-leaning hybrids or just straight indica when I smoke, however, their Diamond Live Resin Sativa cart was excellent in the mornings to start my day without giving me anxiety. after only a couple of good pulls, It left me feeling focused and with a sense of motivation to conquer the day. I didn't have the muchies or was too high to accomplish my daily tasks just the right amount to keep me going. I also used it when I played a round of golf and I swear my game was better. Ok, maybe my golf game didn't improve but my attitude remained positive, no matter how many bogeys I had.

Hybrid Cart

After I tried their hybrid cart I knew this team had created something special, once again only a couple of good pulls and I could immediately feel the head change and on the exhale, the vibrant smell filled the room. Just like their Sativa cart, I felt motivated and focused without paranoia or an unquenchable hunger. I went about my day completing my daily tasks with a big smile on my face. I feel the hybrid cart had me a little more giggly than the sativa but that is not a complaint. you have to be able to laugh at some of the silly things we go through each day to keep your sanity.

Indica Cart

Their Diamond Live Resin Indica cart was everything I hoped for and more. Most mornings I wake with anxiety and need to smoke heavy Indica's to help slow my mind down and allow me to focus on my important tasks. like most mornings I woke with anxiety and reached for their cart. instead of smoking two joints back to back to start my morning I only needed 5 hits and I was starting to feel my body relax and my mind began to slow down. once again the aroma and flavor were pleasant and left me wanting more. It was great for my morning anxiety and also great throughout the day and before bed. By the end of the night, I felt completely relaxed and ready for a good night's rest.

After 5 days of smoking only Savage Extracts Diamond Live Resin carts my lungs still felt good and I wasn't coughing tons, compared to using distillate cartridges even after a day of use I feel like I need a lung transplant. From the uplifting and focused feeling of Sativa to the heavy body relaxing Indica I was really impressed and will continue to use the Indica cart. I Give Savage Extracts Diamond Live Resin carts a 4.8 tokes out of 5 and is a product I highly recommended to cannabis users, new and seasoned.


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