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Potent Medical Marijuana Could Be Outlawed in Oklahoma

By: Buz Deliere | February 24, 2023

Sen. Jessica Garvin (R) Duncan expressed her commitment to ensuring the well-being of citizens while still respecting their choices - as she tackled a hot-button bill attempting to limit medical marijuana potency in the state. The Senator clarified that, although this new law was met with controversy and debate, it is intended primarily for public safety reasons.

With both pro and anti-cannabis data from physicians and scientists coming into play, Garvin has put in the work to weigh each argument. In his assessment, she believes that a limit on the potency of cannabis and cannabis products is best suited to move Oklahoma forward.

Senate Bill (SB) 440 is set to impose a new restriction on marijuana potency, putting an upper limit of 30% THC content in flower and 60% total for products. If passed, this bill could have sweeping implications across the cannabis industry in the state.

SB 440 will also introduce a new ban on delta 10 and other forms of synthetic marijuana. This move comes in an effort to further protect citizens from the risks associated with these substances.

Garvin said, "Synthetic lab-created THC and it is horrific what people mix in with these different kinds of strains," she went on to say, "and they don't know what they're putting in their bodies."

We're all unique in our response to cannabis, and proposing limits on the THC content of certain products could have a significant negative impact - especially for industry owners. This proactive stance may come with financial drawbacks for business owners while patients may have to adjust their consumption accordingly - requiring more product purchases to make up for less concentrated dosages.


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