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One Blunt to Rule Them All - Lil Wayne’s Brand GKUA and Planet 13 Team Up

By: Marie Scarci | December 16, 2022

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Planet 13 Holdings Inc. has just taken the Nevada cannabis industry to a new level with an exclusive collaboration between their vertically-integrated company and Lil Wayne's GKUA Ultra Premium line.

Planet 13 Las Vegas has made a groundbreaking move, introducing Trendi Superblunts; an exciting collaboration between their in-house brand and Lil Wayne's GKUA.

Trendi Superblunts offer a one-of-a-kind smoking experience with an unprecedented combination of top-shelf flower, premium indoor crumble and live resin terp sauce.

These blunts are even more special as they come sprinkled with kief and packed into hemp wraps equipped with wood tips for ideal airflow.

President of GKUA, Beau Golob has announced a new addition to their line-up: Trendi Superblunts. This premium cannabis product will be available exclusively at the renowned Planet 13's Las Vegas SuperStore - and they couldn't be more thrilled!

Cannabis connoisseurs and Wayne fans alike can now get the best of both worlds with Trendi Superblunts+ available at GKUA's 'store-in-store' inside Planet 13 Las Vegas!

Apart from a selection of top-quality cannabis products, visitors also have access to exclusive apparel and accessories that make it a one-stop shopping experience.

Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO of Planet 13 says “We’d like to thank Lil Wayne and GKUA for this amazing collaboration as we continue to bring top cannabis brands and products to our Planet 13 consumers from across America and around the world.”

Planet 13, a cannabis company that has made its mark on the industry with exceptional cultivation and production operations in Las Vegas as well as dispensaries across Orange County, is aiming to make waves globally.

Committed to becoming an iconic brand synonymous with innovative products and cutting-edge dispensary services, Planet 13 continues its mission of pushing boundaries for what’s possible within the world of cannabis.


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