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Oklahoma Men Arrested with 50 Pounds of Marijuana on Interstate 85 in South Carolina

Greenville County Sheriff's Office has reported the apprehension of two individuals on Interstate 85 in South Carolina.

Two Oklahoma men were caught and taken into custody by deputies near the White Horse Road exit on the interstate. The accompanying picture depicts a car that was stopped during the ordeal. The arrests were made based on the fact that both men were trafficking marijuana and had a firearm with them.

Law enforcement officials have reported 50 pounds of marijuana seized from inside the suspect's vehicle.

The names of the men have not been released as the investigation continues.

In conclusion, the recent apprehension of two individuals on Interstate 85 highlights the ongoing problem of illegal cannabis trafficking and the role that Oklahoma, unfortunately, continues to play in fueling the black market.

This incident serves as a reminder of the persistent efforts of law enforcement to combat drug-related crimes and the need for continued vigilance in addressing the illegal operations that undermine the regulated cannabis industry.


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