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Oklahoma AG Takes over Prosecution of National Guard Officer an Attorney for Illegal Marijuana Grows

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

National Guard Officer and Oklahoma Attorney Matt Stacy was charged with 13 felony counts in Garvin County District Court last October.

By Hunter Dublin | February 17, 2023

Oklahoma National Guard Officer and Attorney - Matt Stacy
Oklahoma National Guard Officer and Attorney - Matt Stacy

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Attorney General has announced that his office will now handle the prosecution of a Canadian County lawyer and Oklahoma National Guard Officer who was indicted for operating a marijuana enterprise without authorization.

Matt Stacy is facing thirteen felony charges in Garvin County District Court stemming from allegations that he had acted as the registered agent for approximately 310 LLCs seeking to secure commercial licenses to cultivate and distribute medicinal cannabis. The move has been made by Attorney General Gentner Drummond's office as part of their commitment to upholding justice and cracking down on the illegal black market which is still a huge problem for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics stated that Stacy, was recruiting and paying state residents to be "ghost owners" in grow operations for a number of Chinese organized crime operations and other clients outside of Oklahoma. This scheme allowed these organizations to evade laws that require an Oklahoma resident to have at least 75% ownership of the grow operation.

“Illegal marijuana grows are causing an alarming influx of organized crime throughout Oklahoma, mostly run by Chinese nationals,” Drummond said in the release. “Any Oklahoman who partners with these criminals and enables their illicit dealings will be held accountable.”

In recent weeks, the office of Gentner Drummond has been inundated with cases since he first assumed his new role. He is working closely with the Office of the Bureau Narcotics (OBN) to make sure that Satcy's prosecution runs smoothly and successfully.

We originally brought you this story back in October when Stacy and 2 others were arrested and charged with helping and setting up these illegal grows.


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