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Oklahoma National Guard Officer and Attorney Facing Charges - Aiding Black Market Marijuana Growers

By Hunter Dublin | October 19, 2022

An Oklahoma attorney and a senior ranking Lt. Col in the Oklahoma Army National Guard is in legal trouble after being appointed by Governor Stitt to help hospitals deal with a surge of COVID Patients.

The attorney and Lt. Col, Matt Stacy, is facing a 13-count indictment from the state’s multi-county grand jury. Court documents show Stacy acted as an adviser to “international drug trafficking organizations engaged in industrial-scale black-market marijuana manufacturing and trafficking.”

Drug agents say Stacy would help out-of-state clients illegally jump into the business here, by paying an Oklahoman to partner as a “ghost owner.” That’s a way of getting around a state law requiring an Oklahoma Resident to own 75% of a grow operation.

One ghost owner told agents she made $50,000 a year, no work required.

Woodward said criminal charges could follow the ghost owners.

Stacy is also politically well-connected. Governor Kevin Stitt appointed him to his COVID-19 response team. He no longer has that role. He also donated the maximum, $2,900, to Stitt’s re-election campaign.

Watch the full story here


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