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New York’s Cannabis Catastrophe: Governor's Inaction Risks Farmer Futures

ALBANY, NY — The Cannabis Farmers Alliance (CFA) is sounding the alarm over Governor Kathy Hochul’s failure to release crucial relief funds for New York's cannabis farmers, despite having robust legislative support and urgent pleas from industry stakeholders. According to the CFA, the governor’s inaction is exacerbating problems in an industry already hamstrung by bureaucratic inefficiencies.

At a local agriculture event in early March, Governor Hochul committed to providing immediate financial aid to cannabis farmers—a promise that has yet to materialize as the industry’s situation grows increasingly dire. This instance is emblematic of what the CFA describes as a pattern of over-promising and under-delivering, particularly highlighted by the sluggish pace of dispensary openings.

New York's legal cannabis market, dwarfed by a black market nearly 37 times its size, shows a stark underperformance compared to states like Missouri and Maryland, where legal markets have surpassed $1 billion. This shortfall is further aggravated by Hochul’s move to decelerate dispensary licensing, an approach the CFA criticizes as counterproductive.

Adding to the industry's challenges, Hochul vetoed a bill that would allow sales to Tribal Nations and declined to renew initiatives such as the Cannabis Growers Showcases, measures that could have supported the sector’s stability. With millions earmarked by legislative bodies for industry support, the governor’s office appears to overlook the escalating crisis.

The CFA warns that without swift action, the entire supply chain of New York’s cannabis industry could collapse, affecting not only the farmers but also the broader New York community that could benefit from a robust, legal cannabis market.

Is it Time for Governor Hochul to Prioritize Cannabis Farmers to Revitalize New York’s Economy?

  • Yes: Essential for economic growth & maintaining market stab

  • No: There are other more critical issues that need attention

  • Unsure: More information is needed on the potential impacts.


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