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Kristen Bell's Journey: From Reefer Madness to Cartoon Craziness

Kristen Bell has taken quite the journey from her college days, where cannabis was a staple, to her present-day life, which is all about family and cartoons. In a candid conversation with Deadline, the "Frozen" star opened up about her past with cannabis and how motherhood has transformed her lifestyle choices.

"To be honest, I have not partaken in cannabis minus maybe a gummy or two in the last 15 years," Bell, 42, confessed. Reflecting on her college years, Bell admitted she smoked "a lot of reefers" due to her sensitivity to alcohol. However, those days are long behind her, replaced by a routine that revolves around her daughters, Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 9, whom she shares with her husband, Dax Shepard.

Bell revealed that her nightly routine with her daughters has become her new high. "I spend every night with my children, and we’re high on cartoons," she shared, illustrating the joy and fulfillment she finds in family life. This shift away from cannabis is not just a personal choice but a reflection of her dedication to her role as a mother.

In addition to her family-focused life, Bell recently produced and starred in the revival of "Reefer Madness: The Musical," alongside Alan Cumming. The project, a satire of the 1936 cult classic film that exaggerates the dangers of cannabis, offers a humorous nod to her past. Bell’s involvement in the musical showcases her ability to look back on her cannabis days with a sense of humor while highlighting her evolution.

Bell’s story is one of transformation and adaptation. Her journey from a college student who used cannabis frequently to a mother who finds joy in her children's company and cartoons is a testament to the profound impact of parenthood. It also speaks to the broader trend of celebrities who, upon becoming parents, often shift their lifestyles to prioritize their families.

"I probably won't smoke anytime soon," Bell stated, underscoring her contentment with her current lifestyle. Her narrative is a compelling example of how personal experiences and family responsibilities can shape and redefine one’s choices and priorities.

What's more addictive: cannabis or quality family time?

  • Family time all the way

  • Nothing beats a good gummy.

  • Can’t choose, both are great!

  • Not into either, I prefer solo hobbies.


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