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Julian Marley’s "Juju Royal" Launches in Michigan

By: Buz Deliere | October 25, 2022

Julian Marley is extending his legacy even further by becoming a cannabis entrepreneur. The Grammy-nominated musician is also known for his advocacy for cannabis and its benefits. He has been working with a West Michigan-based company to produce and market cannabis. Marley partnered with Aaron White, who owns Great Lakes Aquaculture Processing and White Flower Cannabis Company in Paw Paw. The new line "Juju Royal" will consist of pre-rolls made with high quality flower, moon rocks and vape cartridges. It's still unsure whether or not his line will feature "Lamb's Bread" Marley's favorite strain.

Their first two products launched this past weeked, pre-rolls and moon rocks, and Marley was there to tour the state's dispensaries and promote his new line. The tour consisted of White's shop in Paw Paw and then to several shops in Detroit, Coldwater and Ann Arbor areas, before finishing the tour in Grand Rapids at Exclusive.

"Wow, it was very impressive," Marley states after the tour. "To be able to see the growth of the cannabis industry, and being a supporter, and advocate, and a lover of the plant."

Marley, who has performed in Michigan before, has said about his previous times there that he had feelings of being uneasy or unsure to smoke but after his recent trip and seeing just how much the cannabis idustry has changed says "Now it's like, oh good! This is like feeling free, and it feels so good to feel free."

The team has worked hard to provide superior products and their latest testing shows, their pre-rolls are coming in hot testing at 40% and the moon rock at a staggering 70% THC. Compared to the majority of products found in Michigan dispensaries, which are testing around 15%-30% THC, Juju Royal looks like it will be shaking up the industry.

When asked about his products and testing Marley says "It definitely allows you to get to that spiritual connection," He went on to say "We love what we do, you know, it's something that is a passion... it's like a dream coming true to be able to be part of this."

Juju Royal currently has the two products out in dispensaries across Michigan and has intentions of launching their vape cartridges very soon.


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