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Jaw-Dropping Bust: Millions in Cash, 50 Pounds of Weed, Drugs & Guns Discovered in Canton House

Photo: Canton PD

The FBI Stark County Safe Streets Task Force wasted no time executing a federal search warrant in the 1900 block of Lakeside Avenue in Canton. The successful raid yielded a sizeable haul of drugs, money, and weapons.

The Canton Police Department seized a significant amount of illegal items on the June 2nd raid. The list of confiscated items includes 6 kilograms of Cocaine, 2 kilograms of Fentanyl, 50 pounds of Marijuana, 6 Handguns, $1,000,000 in cash, and approximately $100,000 worth of Jewelry.

Multiple law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Canton Police, Jackson Township Police, MEDWAY Drug Task Force, Stark County Sheriff's Office, and the State of Ohio Adult Parole Authority have conducted the investigation, resulting in the warrant and raid.

Chief John Gabbard of the Canton Police Department said, "I really value all of our partnerships and collaborative efforts for the benefit of the Canton community."

Canton resident, Christian Clark, 38, was taken into custody for involvement in a drug trafficking incident. Clark is facing several charges including some for cocaine and fentanyl trafficking, as well as possession of said substances. He is also charged with possession of weapons while under disability.


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