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Illinois' First Cannabis Store with a Bar and Bakery Will Have Grand Opening Friday

By: Buz Deliere | February 9, 2023

Photo Credit: West Town Bakery Website

In a pioneering move, Okay Cannabis and West Town Bakery Cafe in Wheeling have become the first retail store in Illinois to not only offer cannabis but also house an accompanying bar with a liquor license. The combination of cannabis, baked goods, cocktails, and event space make this place one of a kind nationwide.

The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group and CESAM are on a mission to provide more than just cannabis - they want you to make their gathering places part of your life! Scott Weiner, the co-founder of the restaurant group, expressed his vision for providing customers with an inviting atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome. With this innovative concept in mind, cannabis consumers and people who don't are welcome to experience the food and entertainment in a welcoming atmosphere.

West Town Bakery is more than just a place for delectable treats: it's home to the first-of-its-kind cohabitation of cannabis sales, from Okay Cannabis, and West Town Bakery with food and alcohol sales - an innovative arrangement bringing together two distinct businesses under one roof.

Majority owner Charles Mayfield, former Ald. and Ameya Pawar, and other minority owners recently partnered with West Town Bakery to bring a brand-new cafe and event space to Chicago! Whether you're looking for an intimate birthday gathering or the perfect venue for special occasions, this new partnership could be just what you've been searching for.

On Wheeling's restaurant row this massive 12,000-square foot dispensary, the area previously housed Twin Peaks, is now home to this impressive new development. With its dedicated bar and separate cannabis sales area, the cafe is looking ahead to an even brighter future. Soon enough they hope to offer a space for customers to consume their newly-purchased product onsite.

On Wednesday, workers made a few finishing touches as the store had its soft open. The grand opening of this exciting new venue will take place Friday with plenty of festivities to enjoy!

Launching two additional locations, Fifty/50 Restaurant Group—a joint venture of Scott Weiner and Greg Mohr—has announced its expansion plans for Okay Cannabis. The group is well-known in Chicago as the purveyor of West Town Bakery's four existing sites. With this move, they are building on their success while furthering the availability of cannabis products throughout the city.

Gaining entry to the dispensary requires visitors over 21 years of age to show proof, while kids accompanied by an adult can still enjoy their cafe's offerings.

Rather than a typical dispensary visit, Weiner envisions something more memorable - an experience with cannabis. This next step in the evolution of the industry is one that's sure to create memories and lasting impressions for customers.


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