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Green Releaf Lip Balm

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Introducing Chef Buz's Green Releaf Lip Blam! This unique lip balm is formulated to nourish and protect dry, cracked lips.

Made with Shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients, it provides intense hydration and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth. It also contains beeswax to create a barrier that locks in moisture and prevents further drying out. So why wait? Try Chef Buz's Green Releaf Lip Blam today and see the difference!

By: Chef Buz Deliere


¼ Cup Infused Coconut Oil

2 TBS Shea Butter

2 TBS Cocoa Butter

¼ Cup Beeswax

5 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

3 Drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


The first step is to always make sure your mind is right, so spark up that spliff or bowl, if you dab now is the time to take a rip. Ok, now let’s get started, place a metal spoon in the freezer for later on to check the consistency of the lip balm.

Now get a small pan of water and bring it to a light boil, add the coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter to a pyrex measuring cup and place into the boiling water. Essentially we are making a double boiler for the lip balm.

Once the oil and butter have melted add in the beeswax and melt, when the beeswax is melted use the spoon from the freezer to check how hard or soft your lip balm will be. You can adjust by adding more wax to make it harder or oil to make it softer.

Once you have your desired consistency add in the essential oils and stir until evenly incorporated. Then carefully pour the lip balm into tins or containers and allow the mix to cool.

Don’t be afraid to try different essential oils or even switch out the cocoa butter for mango butter, have fun with this recipe and find out what you like and what works best for you.


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