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Florida Traffic Stop Results in Over 60 Pounds of Marijuana Confiscated

Photo: Alachua County Jail

A traffic stop in Marion County led to the arrest of 61-year-old Anthony Battaglia after deputies discovered 60 pounds worth of marijuana stored inside his vehicle. Reports reveal that while traveling south on Interstate 75, Battaglia was pulled over for exceeding speed limits and weaving out of his lane near mile marker 375.

Deputies say Battaglia was visibly perturbed during the interaction, displaying signs of nervousness such as shaking hands and an argumentative tone. When asked to search his vehicle, he flatly refused consent.

A K-9 unit detected the odor of narcotics in the suspect's vehicle, spurring an investigation by deputies. Despite being asked to exit his car and hand over keys for a probable cause search, Anthony Battaglia refused to cooperate with authorities according to official reports.

After retrieving the suspect's vehicle keys, deputies uncovered a whopping 63 pounds of marijuana in duffle bags an estimated $164K. Battaglia was taken into custody and accused of trafficking 25+lbs of cannabis drugs as well as possession of drug equipment, and using a vehicle to traffic drugs.


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