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Execution Looms for Singapore Man Caught Trafficking Cannabis

On Sunday, the family of a Singaporean man due for execution next week made an emotional plea to authorities for clemency and asked that he be granted another trial. This comes after being convicted of possession of more than one kilogram of cannabis - a crime that carries the death penalty in Singapore.

On Wednesday, Tangaraju Suppiah faces a grim fate, as the Court of Appeal upheld his death sentence which was imposed in 2018. The 46-year-old man had been found guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs and will now face execution for this crime

His sister Leelavathy Suppiah said at a news conference, "We don't think my brother's had a fair trial," and went on to state, "I have faith the president will read all our petitions."

His sister goes on to say how Suppiah has always had a kind nature that has earned him the admiration of everyone who knows him, and despite never having done anything wrong to anyone he loves, he's willingly sacrificed it all for his family - an act that brought even those closest to him to tears.

Singapore has some of the most stringent laws in the world when it comes to cannabis use and smuggling. Possessing more than one kilogram of cannabis is twice the limit for the death penalty and those convicted face execution without any chance for clemency or appeal. This was recently seen with Tangaraju Suppiah, who faces a grim fate on Wednesday after his death sentence was upheld by the Court of Appeal in 2018. Despite pleas from his family and friends for mercy, Singapore's harsh laws have left him with no options other than facing execution for his crime.

In recent years, many countries in the region have taken steps to decriminalize cannabis and are now pushing for Singapore to follow suit. Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have all seen a shift in their approach towards cannabis use and possession – with some even legalizing limited amounts of recreational consumption. This new wave of reform has been met with support from civil society organizations around the region who are advocating for more modern approaches to drug policy.

The latest example is the case of Tangaraju Suppiah - an individual facing execution due to his conviction of possession of more than one kilogram of cannabis - which carries the death penalty in Singapore. It is time that Singapore reconsiders its stance on this issue and adopts a more progressive approach that reflects current trends across Asia-Pacific nations.

With the execution of Tangaraju Suppiah fast approaching, it is time to take action and do something to help save his life. The injustice of his case has prompted many people in Singapore and across the region to come together in an effort to stop this tragedy from occurring. To that end, a support group for Suppiah has been formed with the aim of bringing attention to his plight and raising awareness about the need for reform of drug laws in Singapore.

This group will be made up of family members, friends, civil society organizations, legal experts, and concerned citizens who are all united by their shared goal of stopping this unjust punishment from taking place. With their collective efforts, they hope to bring enough pressure on authorities so that justice can prevail over punishment in this case - thereby saving Tangaraju's life.


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