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David Ortiz Hits it Out of the Park: Big Papi Enters Maine Cannabis Market

Photo: Papicann website

David Ortiz, aka "Big Papi," is coming to Maine! His cannabis line - 'Papi Cannabis' - has entered into a partnership with JAR Cannabis Co. The Pine Tree State is going to see a major change in its cannabis landscape as Papi Cannabis begins hitting the markets.

Papi Cannabis, founded by Red Sox legend David Ortiz in partnership with Rev Brands of Massachusetts, is set to make its debut in the Maine market this April. Customers will be able to purchase a line of cannabis products developed between Ortiz and Rev Brands at JAR Cannabis stores across the state.

With roots in Maine's medical marijuana program, JAR Cannabis has been a leader in the state’s regulated cannabis industry since 2012. Powered by two friends and their passion for holistic living, this dispensary offers premium products embodying an adventurous yet balanced lifestyle that includes alluring strains of top-shelf cannabis.

The cannabis company has taken a giant leap toward becoming a leading premium brand as it breaks into the New England market. With four recreational stores already, located in Portland, South Portland, Newry, and Windham – as well as an additional medicinal shop based out of Windham.

Tom Schneider, the chief marketing officer at Rev Brands, was excited about the partnerships breaking into the New England market and said, “Through David Ortiz’s time as a Red Sox player and beyond, he’s represented New England with pride, integrity, and character and it was important to us to launch with a retail partner that holds the same values."

Sweet Sluggers, the debut Papi Cannabis product is about to hit store shelves in Maine! This pre-rolled blunt uses "the finest flower of Ortiz’s favorite strains" and comes packaged in a tube made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic. Prices are set at $18 for an individual pack or $50 for a three-pack - which is scheduled to be available at the beginning of April exclusively through JAR Cannabis locations.

Co-owner and co-founder of JAR, Joel Pepin showed his enthusiasm for the partnership and said, “Growing up as an athlete in Maine and Red Sox fan, it’s an absolute honor and a dream come true to be working with David in Maine’s Cannabis Industry.”

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