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Connecticut Starts Recreational Sales Today - What to Expect and Where to Go

By: Buz Deliere | January 10, 2023

On Tuesday morning, Connecticut ushered in a new era of recreational cannabis as nine dispensaries opened their doors to adults 21 and older.

The state joins several others across the country that offer legal adult-use marijuana sales. With this opening, customers can now purchase an array of products from pre-rolls and flower to edibles such as gummies and chocolates.

On January 1st, a new law was put into effect that erases thousands of low-level cannabis possession convictions – and just days after its passing Cannabis retailers in the state are already set to rake in hefty profits. Estimations suggest $73 million worth of revenue could be generated by 2026 from recreational marijuana sales alone.

Gov. Ned Lamont took a bold step towards justice reform in Connecticut today with the erasure of 43,754 past convictions across the state – offering relief to thousands who are now free from criminal records creating a pathway for renewed opportunity and hope in many lives.

Lamont said, "Together with our partners in the legislature and our team of professionals at the Department of Consumer Protection, we’ve carefully crafted a securely regulated market that prioritizes public health, public safety, social justice, and equity."

Recreational customers can now purchase up to a quarter ounce of cannabis flower or edibles, seven pre-rolled joints with one gram each, or 14 that are half a gram apiece per transaction. With transaction limits being monitored over time.

Tuesday promises to be a busy day for cannabis retailers, as long lines and congestion on the roads are anticipated. To avoid any potential delays in getting their medicine, patients were recommended to buy their medicine ahead of time.

With cannabis becoming legalized across the state, more and more people are being welcomed into dispensaries for the first time.

To ensure customers have access to an extensive range of product options, many dispensaries now feature a live menu where one can conveniently browse through their selection before visiting in person.

If you're looking to partake in recreational cannabis use, be sure to bring a valid government-issued ID to your local dispensary - only individuals over 21 years of age are permitted.

Consumers looking to purchase cannabis should make sure to have cash, most dispensaries have an ATM onsite, be prepared and stop before. Until cannabis is federally legal or the SAFE Banking Act is passed, dispensary owners are forced to have a cash only business.

With the legalization of cannabis, recreational users can expect to pay an additional 20% sales tax on their purchases. Fortunately for medical patients, they remain exempt from this fee and are still able to access cannabis products without incurring any extra costs.

Here's the nine dispensaries approved for recreational sales in the state, all of them open at 10 am for adults 21 and older.

Zen Leaf - Meridian

The Botanist - Montville

Affinity - New Haven

Fine Fettle - Newington, Stamford, Willimantic

Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut - Branford

Still River Wellness - Torrington

The Botanist - Danbury *will NOT start recreational sales on Tuesday


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