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Borat Drops Lawsuit against Cannabis Dispensary: "Nice"

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc - Getty Images

By Hunter Dublin | May 18, 2022

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen has withdrawn his lawsuit against a Massachusetts cannabis dispensary that used an image of his character Borat on a billboard without permission. The suit was filed last year, but the two sides have now agreed to dismiss it.

The legal filing that does not mention any settlement in the case. The lawyers for Baron Cohen and the dispensary have been emailed seeking comment.

The dispensary put up a billboard that said "It's nice!" in reference to one of Borat's catchphrases. However, after Baron Cohen's lawyers sent a cease-and-desist order, the dispensary took the billboard down after 3 days.

Cohen's attorney commented and said that the actor “never would participate in an advertising campaign for cannabis” and that the use of his image falsely relays to the public that he endorses the company’s products.

It should be noted that the dispensary did not pay for the rights to use the pictures nor did they obtain permission from Cohen and or his team.

Sacha Baron Cohen and his company, Please You Can Touch LLC were seeking $9 million in damages.


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Dimples Media

What is the name of the dispensary? What State is this in? Is there a picture of the "billboard"? I don't think anyone in billboard advertisement would have taken that ad... Who is the billboard advertising company who took the art submission? This story has too many holes. We need more answers.

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