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Almost 200 Pounds of Weed and $50,000 in Cash Were Seized From Illegal Grow in Oklahoma

According to authorities over a dozen individuals have been apprehended by law enforcement as a result of an investigation on a prohibited cannabis cultivation facility in Oklahoma.

Marshall County Sheriff's Office conducted a search warrant at a property in Oakland for illegal marijuana last week.

Authorities seized a staggering haul of almost 200 pounds of marijuana and $50,000 in cash, following their thorough investigation.

The sheriff's office seized three vehicles, a bobcat with a loader and trencher, and a trailer as part of a major drug raid. The operation resulted in the arrest of 14 individuals accused of trafficking marijuana.

As Oklahoma continues to crack down on illegal grow operations throughout the state this is yet another example of how Oklahoma is taking serious action against those who are involved in illegal grow operations within its borders. Since becoming one of the largest distributors of illegal cannabis throughout the country authorities have been on a mission to shut down the illegal operations.

Illegal cannabis cultivation in Oklahoma has become a major source of crime and destruction to the natural environment. This highlights the gravity of these operations which are damaging both nature and society through their activities.

The investigation is ongoing and as more details are released we will bring them to you.


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