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After His Career-Ending Injury, This Steeler Great is Making an Impact With His Cannabis Line

Photo: Steel City Greats Website

NFL linebacker Ryan Shazier's career was cut short in 2017 when he suffered a spinal cord injury that left him temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. However, he has since regained the use of his legs and has shifted his focus to entrepreneurial ventures. Shazier is now launching his own line of medical marijuana, signaling the start of an exciting new chapter in his life.

Former Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has announced his collaboration with Organic Remedies, a Pennsylvania-based dispensary, to introduce his new line of cannabis products under the "Steel City Greats" brand.

Steel City Greats offers four unique cannabis strains: their hybrid strain named "Walking Miracle," their Indica strains named "Shazier #50," and "Shalieve," and the Sativa strain named"Speed."

Walking Miracle is a Hybrid cannabis strain, a pheno from the Miami Heat strain that packs a powerful punch, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking relief from chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, and major depression.

Shazier #50 is a carefully selected pheno of the modern-day classic GG#4. Its impressive lineage and potent effects make it an effective treatment for insomnia, migraines, appetite loss, and nausea. Its trichomes give off a delightful earthy scent and deliver its medicine subtly, without overwhelming your senses.

Shalieve is a carefully selected type of Grape C that has powerful calming effects on the body. Its delightful terpene profile not only uplifts mood but also helps to combat issues like anxiety, insomnia, joint, and muscle stiffness.

Steel City Greats' Ryan Shazier's Speed strain – a unique and energizing sativa-dominant blend of Cake Crasher. With its uplifting effects, this strain ignites creativity and sharpens focus, all while providing gentle relief from aches and cramps.

Shazier, who was introduced to cannabis by a friend while rehabbing from his 2017 injury, said, " I found it could help me in different ways, you know if I took different strains." He went on to say how it helped with his pain management, depression, anxiety and helped him sleep.

Shazier has been receiving lots of positive feedback from patients in the community who claim his strains also are helping them.

You can find where Steel City Great products are being sold here.


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