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Aches & Sore Muscles THC Salve

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Looking for a product that can help relieve your pain and sore muscles? Look no further than Chef Buz's Infused Salve!

This all-natural salve is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional methods of pain relief. Made with a blend of essential oils, infused coconut oil, and beeswax it's perfect for massaging sore muscles.

Whether you're suffering from a headache, neck pain, or back pain, Chef Buz's recipe can help you find relief.

By Chef Buz Deliere


1 Cup Infused Coconut Oil

¼ Cup Beeswax

1 Tbs Arnica Montana powder

1 Tbs Almond Oil

10-12 Drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil


First thing, make sure your mind is right, light up that spliff or bowl and if you prefer to dab, take a rip. Now let’s get to it, grab a spoon and toss it into the freezer, I know it sounds strange but it will come in handy later.

Now in a medium size pan and melt coconut oil, almond oil, and Arnica Montana over low to medium heat. Next, add the beeswax and stir in until melted, remove it from the heat and check the consistency.

The best way to see if the consistency of the salve is right is to use your spoon from the freezer and dip it into the salve. Once it's cooled you can see the consistency and adjust if needed by adding more beeswax to make it more solid. If you're happy with it then add in your essential oil.

This recipe calls for wintergreen oil, but you can use whatever oil you prefer, menthol, eucalyptus, rose, and lavender, there are several combinations, find what you like best, this recipe is a great base to start from.


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