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72 Lbs. of Marijuana Bound for Ireland Unearthed in Philly Airport Security Check

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

On Friday, police conducted a remarkable bust at Philadelphia International Airport involving an individual trying to smuggle 72 lbs. of marijuana onto an international flight bound for Ireland.

Arrested and charged was a man from California who had placed the drugs in his luggage before attempting to board the plane. Authorities are now investigating how he managed to get the contraband item past security protocols and if there may be any further implications linked with this incident.

According to authorities, 34-year-old Bryan Nelson Gonzalez Rodriguez was apprehended while allegedly transporting illegal marijuana with the intent to distribute. If convicted of the felony drug charges, Gonzalez Rodriguez could face significant jail time.

According to officials, eagle-eyed Customs and Border Protection officers conducting routine baggage inspections noticed suspicious contents in two suitcases during an x-ray screening. A subsequent canine drug sniff also flagged the same two bags, leading officers to the discovery.

Upon searching the luggage, authorities discovered multiple black bags filled with marijuana that had been sealed using an air-tight vacuum packing process, likely in an attempt to mask the scent and avoid detection.

Authorities intercepted the suspicious pieces of luggage containing a staggering 72 pounds and 3 ounces of marijuana before it could reach its intended destination. According to officials, the illicit cargo had an estimated street value of $160,000 in the United States or $460,000 in Ireland, where the drugs were destined to be distributed.


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