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2 Pot Lounges in Las Vegas Are Up for Vote This Tuesday

Cannabis lounges in Las Vegas are about to become a reality as the City Planning Commission is poised to give its approval to two possible locations at its June 13 meeting. This brings the city one step closer to offering a new kind of entertainment that is becoming increasingly popular across the country.

Las Vegas has two locations awaiting approval to be new cannabis lounges for people to relax and enjoy their favorite herb. The first location is an impressive 8,100 sq. ft cannabis consumption lounge situated near Desert Inn Road and Rancho Drive. The second location is just over 4,000 sq. ft located in the Arts District at 1205 Main Street near California Avenue.

Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have officially approved marijuana lounges, which will adhere to regulations established in March. These lounges will not permit alcohol consumption and prohibit smoking outside. Additionally, heightened security measures will be implemented.

With the City Planning Commission on the verge of granting approval to two potential locations, Las Vegas is on the brink of revolutionizing its entertainment scene by embracing cannabis lounges. With California planning to open cannabis cafes and the nation becoming more lax on cannabis, the city is poised to offer a unique and vibrant experience for marijuana enthusiasts. The forthcoming 8,100 sq. ft lounge near Desert Inn Road and the 4,035 sq. ft venue in the Arts District signal a new era of cannabis-centric relaxation.

Following the official approval by Clark County and the City of Las Vegas, these lounges will strictly adhere to regulations and ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors. So get ready to unwind, socialize, and elevate your Las Vegas experience to new heights as the city embraces this exciting new chapter in its entertainment landscape.


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