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Zen Cannabis Shatters World Record with Largest and Strongest THC Edible Chocolate Bar

In a historic move, Zen Cannabis, the premier cannabis edibles brand, is set to unveil "THE BIG ZEN," the largest, most potent, and most expensive cannabis-infused chocolate bar ever created. This record-breaking, 420-pound chocolate bar will make its debut on April 20th, dazzling both connoisseurs and those curious about cannabis edibles alike.

Renowned for its dedication to crafting the highest quality products, Zen Cannabis aims to provide consumers with the ultimate blissful infused experience. "THE BIG ZEN" exemplifies this mission, boasting an astounding potency of 4,200,000 milligrams of THC.

The creation of this gargantuan chocolate treat will require a monumental effort from the Zen "Cannafactory." Over the course of 360 hours, twelve individuals will work six hours a day to combine twelve 40-gallon vats of delectable milk chocolate with over 100 pounds of cannabis flower. The final product will measure a staggering 9 by 4 feet.

Evan Senn, Special Projects Manager, expressed the team's excitement for this groundbreaking endeavor: "It's not every day you make history, and we're doing it here in Oklahoma City! We've put a secret twist on our signature Zen chocolate bar recipe and supersized it to create 'The Big Zen' bar."

Already a market leader, Zen Cannabis is poised to make an even bigger splash with this record-setting achievement. The company has been growing its presence in the United States and expanding into Europe, with a range of infused chocolate bars and beverages available in select dispensaries across Oklahoma, California, Missouri, and Massachusetts.

This innovative and jaw-dropping accomplishment is sure to generate buzz and further solidify Zen Cannabis as a pioneering force in the cannabis edibles industry. "THE BIG ZEN" will undoubtedly mark a sweet, memorable milestone in the company's history.


Zen Cannabis leads the cannabis edibles market as an industry trendsetter, with a finger on the pulse of cannabis culture. The brand's mission is to bring the highest quality THC and CBD products to consumers, taking them on a blissful journey while supporting local economies.


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