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Working with Pot: How Marijuana Affects Productivity

Does Cannabis really affect your productivity? Or are you just lazy?

Chronic Staff | March 7, 2022

The Rising Popularity of Cannabis

As many states adapt to the new age of recreational Cannabis legalization, more people hop on the CannaTrain. In retrospect, who would have expected that Cannabis would be this big. The potential is there but not on the scale of a billion-dollar industry. But, here we are and exhilarated we live in this day and age.

Recreation, Media, and Local Organizations

2 Chainz changed the meaning of working with pot. I remember when I watched him at Vice: "Expensivest' segment. This is a short VICE feature displaying the grandiose and extravagance only a few could afford, hence the name. VICE invited to join one of the best Cannabis Chefs in the US, Michael Magallanes.

Chef Mike entered the room with confidence to be met halfway with 'Chainz usual niceties. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and caution as 2 Chainz succumbed to the inevitable state of trance while watching him make frame-worthy plates, a Cannabis culinary mastery at work. If you haven't, you can watch it here.

However, there are other matters in connection to working with Marijuana like workplace productivity. Some organizations see a less productivity pattern unprecedented before the declaration of legalization.


What is the Average Age of Pot consumers?

The average age of Marijuana consumers in the US is 37.6 years old. This doesn't mean that this age group is the majority. Still, you get this value if you add the consumers' ages and divide it by the total number of consumers.

This number complements the poll conducted by Gallup. There has been a significant exodus of converts from straight booze to smoking marijuana. 18 to 29, the millennial age group, made the majority at 22%, twice as much as ages between 30 to 49 and 50 to 64, which registered 11% and 12%, respectively.

In addition, men also have a higher number of marijuana consumers than women - in the same age group.

What is the Median Age of American Workforce

According to, the median age of the American workforce in 2020 is 42.0, more than two points higher two decades ago. An older crew might welcome a new decade if the trend continues. Keep in mind that the age range of the American workforce is 16 to 64.

The median values divide the smallest group numbers into higher ones. So the higher the value of median age, the older the workforce.

Productivity and Capacity Levels

The recent study published by the University of Cincinnati, William Patterson University, Temple University, and RAND Corporation show the productivity issues surrounding the legalization of Cannabis.

They focused on the older line - 40 to 62, which comprised most of the workforce and asked, "Will their ability to effectively engage in paid employment be affected with the legalization?"

To answer the question, the researchers studied workers' compensation benefits received by that particular age group. What they found out was a revelation:

There is a 21% annual income decline in workers' compensation at this age group after recreational Marijuana legalization.

However, it can be caused by different reasons. One of them is the increase of work capacity and labor supply on ages 40 to 62. Pain can also contribute to the overall unproductivity of the workforce. Since the age range of 40 -62 suffers more pain than younger ones.

Marijuana is helpful in managing pains. While medications are available, they require prescriptions, and Marijuana doesn't have to. The easy access to purchase the medication over the counter is advantageous, especially in pain management.

Cannabis policy has an exhaustive history of issues attached to it. Though it has a wide array of benefits, the contention for legalization in different states is constantly challenged. Even with this, we consider productivity a great asset of a true Cannasseur.


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