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What is Shake Weed?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

By Therin Miller | Chronic Magazine

Shake Weed Being Used to Roll a Joint
Marijuana Shake | Shake | Shake Weed

What is shake weed? Shake or marijuana shake is a term used to refer to the loose cannabis flower or small broken-up pieces of cannabis that have naturally been broken up and settled at the bottom of a bag, jar, or container. Shake can be used to roll up in joints or can be used to pack your bowl. While it may not be as potent as regular buds, shake weed can still contain a high level of THC and offer a decent high. Let's explore what shake weed is, its potency, cost, and whether it's worth buying. We'll also compare shake weed to trim and answer, "does shake weed get you high?"

What is Shake Weed?

Shake weed is a term used to describe the marijuana that settles in the bottom of containers, at the bottom of bags, or in any other way that cannabis is handled and moved from one place to another. Some people may also call it 'shake,' a term used specifically for 'shake weed', although that use is uncommon.

When cannabis bud material (or "shake") settles at the bottom of things, it can be collected and smoked, but it's usually not as potent as the buds they came from. While it is most commonly collected and smoked by those who use cannabis for medical purposes, it can be enjoyed by anyone interested in smoking some bud at an affordable cost or mixing in with other strains.

Does Shake Weed Get You High?

Yes, shake weed can deliver a nice high to those who consume it. However, it won't be as strong as the buds you'd expect to find at your local dispensary or your stash. Yes, shaking weed can get you high. The intensity of the high may depend on various factors, including the strain, the amount consumed, and the method of ingestion.

Trim Vs. Marijuana Shake

Person Trimming Marijuana, Marijuana Trim, Marijuana trimmings
Marijuana Trim Vs Marijuana Shake

Trim is another word used to describe loose cannabis. Although that term is sometimes also used to describe shake weed, it is generally used to describe cannabis material removed from buds. Trim is the small, broken-off pieces of leaves and stems left over from trimming buds. Trim can be ground up for smoking, or it can be further processed into a hash oil as well.

Differences between Shake Weed and Trim

1. Potency: Shake weed is generally more potent than trim as it contains more trichomes responsible for producing THC and other cannabinoids.

2. Appearance: Shake weed looks much different than trim, as it is ground up and can look like loose, fine pieces of dirt, while trim looks more like small broken-off pieces of cannabis.

3. Flavor: Trim tends to have a much stronger and harsh flavor, while the flavor of shake weed is milder, giving it a less harsh smoke.

4. Texture: Shake weed is more uniform in texture than trim, which can be made of varying sizes and shapes of leaves and stems.

Is Shake Weed Good?

Yes, shaking weed can be good. As a highly potent extract of cannabis, shake weed can deliver a potent high if consumed properly. You can smoke it in joints, pipes, and bongs like regular marijuana. Shake weed is also often less expensive than regular buds, making it an affordable option for cannabis enthusiasts on a budget. Some shake weed may contain a high level of THC and offer a decent high, while others may be less potent and offer a milder effect.

Shake weed can be a good option for those looking for an affordable way to enjoy cannabis, especially if they're not concerned with a particular strain or potency. However, regular buds may be a better option if you're looking for a specific strain or a more potent high.

How Much Does Shake Weed Cost?

Shake weed is cheaper than regular marijuana, as it contains less bud material. Some people may buy shake weed instead of regular buds to save a few dollars. The price of a shake may differ in different states depending on demand. In some states, an ounce of shake weed can cost $40. However, some dispensaries may offer shake weed at a discounted price or as a freebie with the purchase of regular buds.

Uses for Shake Weed

Since it is made up of smaller amounts of bud material, shake weed can be used in the same ways as regular buds. In many cases, it may be more affordable or convenient to use shake weed instead of regular marijuana.

1. Homemade tinctures and infusions: If you enjoy making your edibles, it can be a good idea to use shake weed to make cannabis tinctures and infusions. While shake weed does not make the most potent or flavorful tincture, it can be a good way to stretch your supply and save money.

2. Smoking: Shake weed is most commonly smoked in joints, pipes, and bongs like regular marijuana. However, its loose form may make it more difficult to smoke, as you may have difficulty rolling joints or stuffing shake weed into a bowl. That said, you can store and smoke shake weed in the same way as regular buds.

3. Cooking: Shake weed can also be used in cooking and other recipes. Since it's affordable, you may also want to save some of your shake weed for cooking.

4. Edibles: While it is more common to use the trim for edibles, shake weed can also be used this way. It is best to start with a small amount of shake weed and gradually increase your dose as you get used to its effects.

4. Blunts: Shake weed is more commonly used with tobacco, especially if you're trying to save money. A glass pipe or bong is best if you want to smoke some shake weed. Blunt wraps are more commonly used with shake weed than with buds.

5. Tea: You can also make tea from shake weed by adding grated cannabis leaves or buds to hot water. Marijuana tea is medicinal and can help treat nausea, chronic pain, and other ailments.

Is Shake Weed Worth Buying?

Yes, shake weed is worth buying as it can be an affordable and convenient way to use marijuana. Shake weed, despite being cheap, can produce the same high as other buds.

If you don't care about your weed's specific strain or potency or are looking for a less expensive option, shake weed may be a good choice. However, some people may prefer buds to shake weed, as they may look for a particular strain or a stronger high.

Wrapping Up

Shake weed can be a good way to use cannabis without spending too much money. Though it may not contain as many trichomes as regular buds, shake weed is still made up of potent extracts of cannabis. You can use shake weed in many ways, such as smoking it in joints, bongs, or pipes, using it for edibles or tinctures, or incorporating it into recipes. Though some prefer buds over shake weed, both options may offer the same high if consumed properly.


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