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Uncover the Shocking Environmental Dangers Lurking in Fairfield's Illegal Cannabis Farms!

Yesterday, Fairfield's Matrix Cannabis Dismantling Team (CDT) made a significant breakthrough by dismantling a large-scale illegal cannabis farm. Acting on a warrant, officers raided a house on Prescot Road at around 9 am, uncovering 127 cannabis plants spread across four rooms, along with a variety of growing equipment.

The discovery not only highlighted the ongoing battle against illegal cannabis production but also shed light on the severe environmental hazards posed by these clandestine operations.

Illegal cannabis farms are notorious for their detrimental environmental impact. Matt Brown, the head of the CDT, emphasized the severe risks these operations pose to local ecosystems and community safety. "The production and supply of cannabis bring substantial risks, including fire, flood, and chemical pollution," Brown stated.

One of the most significant risks associated with illegal cannabis farms is fire. The extensive use of high-wattage lights, overloaded electrical systems, and makeshift wiring creates a highly combustible environment. These setups are often poorly installed and maintained, significantly increasing the likelihood of fires that can quickly spread to adjacent properties.

The cultivation of cannabis plants requires substantial water usage. Illegal growers frequently tamper with plumbing systems to obtain water, leading to leaks, mold growth, and structural damage to buildings. In some cases, these activities can cause severe flooding, which not only damages the property but also disrupts the local water supply and harms the surrounding environment.

Illegal cannabis farms often utilize various chemicals, including fertilizers and pesticides, to maximize plant growth. The improper storage and disposal of these substances can lead to soil and water contamination. These pollutants can harm local wildlife and disrupt ecosystems, creating long-term environmental damage that can be costly and challenging to remediate.

Brown stressed the importance of community involvement in combating these environmental hazards. "We carry out regular warrants and enquiries to remove cannabis farms, and key to this is information from people who rightly don't want to be exposed to the harm they bring," he said. Public awareness and vigilance are crucial in identifying and reporting the signs of illegal cannabis cultivation.

Residents are encouraged to watch for telltale signs of nearby cannabis farms, such as strange smells and sounds, frequent and varied visitors at odd hours, large quantities of gardening equipment being brought indoors, permanently covered windows, excessive heat from adjoining properties, and unusual gatherings of birds on rooftops in cold weather.

The dismantling of the cannabis farm in Fairfield underscores the broader environmental dangers posed by such illegal operations. By remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious activities, residents can help law enforcement protect both the community and the environment from the hidden dangers of illegal cannabis cultivation.

Do you think illegal cannabis farms pose a significant threat to the environment in your community?

  • Yes, they are a major concern.

  • No, I don’t think they impact the environment.

  • I'm not sure, I need more information.


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