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Truck Driver Caught with Dozens of Duffle Bags Loaded with Marijuana at New Mexico Border

In a stunning turn of events, a truck driver attempting to cross into New Mexico was caught red-handed with an illegal cargo. Not just a few bags, but dozens of duffle bags filled to the brim with marijuana were discovered in his trailer during a routine search at the Gallup port of entry on Interstate 40.

The driver, Tewelde Ghebreyoyanes, claimed innocence, insisting that he had no idea what was concealed in the trailer he was transporting. However, his excuse fell flat as New Mexico State Police swiftly swooped in after receiving a tip-off about a possible drug possession.

This gripping incident serves as a stark reminder that even in states where cannabis is legal, illicit activities continue to thrive. Stay tuned as we uncover further details about this audacious smuggling attempt.

During a routine traffic stop in New Mexico, authorities were left baffled by a truck driver who seemed unable to provide clear answers about the cargo he was hauling. The driver, identified as Ghebreyoyanes, claimed to be on a cross-country journey from California to Virginia but couldn't explain who the trailer belonged to.

Suspicions grew when Ghebreyoyanes admitted he had neglected to check the contents of the trailer. This raised eyebrows, and the police decided to conduct a thorough search.

What they uncovered left them astounded. Stacked high were massive amounts of cash, along with a staggering 70 duffle bags weighing a total of 3,500 pounds. Alongside these were a medium-sized bag weighing 16 pounds and seven hefty boxes tipping the scales at 55 pounds each. All of them were packed to the brim with marijuana, and not a single piece of paperwork or clue as to its origin could be found.

To put this into perspective, the legal limit for marijuana possession in New Mexico stands at a mere eight ounces. It was clear that Ghebreyoyanes had far exceeded this limit, and the consequences would be severe.

The truck driver now faces charges of trafficking, conspiracy to commit trafficking, as well as two counts of possessing cannabis products in public. The full weight of the law will come down upon him as he deals with the fallout from an astonishing discovery that has shocked authorities and captivated the public's interest.

In the latest development of a gripping case, a mysterious passenger in a vehicle has been set free by the authorities. However, the driver, Ghebreyoyanes, still awaits a verdict as his charges are yet to be determined. The highly anticipated trial is scheduled to take place in January, adding to the suspense surrounding this captivating legal saga.


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