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Entrepreneurs Plan to Open Topless Marijuana Dispensary in Western Mass.

By Hunter Dublin | March 1, 2023

Topless Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts
Topless Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts

Two entrepreneurs in Whately, Massachusetts are aiming to make waves in the state's cannabis industry by proposing a unique business idea: a topless marijuana dispensary.

Nick Spagnola and Julius Sokol, owners of Club Castaway, hope to purchase an existing cannabis business with a permit and transform their strip club into the first of its kind in the state.

The two have experience in the cannabis industry, having co-owned East Boston Bloom LLC and Sokol being an owner of Massachusetts Green Retail Inc. in Lynn. In light of the competitive market, they believe that opening a topless dispensary is a way to stand out while keeping the spirit of their existing business alive.

The duo recently pitched their new business idea to the Whately Select Board and have retained an attorney for help with navigating regulatory issues.

The market for cannabis in Massachusetts is highly competitive, with over 200 dispensaries already operating in the state.

Spagnola recognizes this and told the Boston Business Journal that the industry is "very saturated. There are a lot of operators, and everyone is offering the same experience." He believes that opening a topless dispensary is a way to stand out while keeping the spirit of the existing business alive.

If approved, the topless dispensary could be an exciting addition to the legal cannabis market and attract customers looking for a unique experience.

It remains unclear how local and state regulators will react, but Spagnola and Sokol are optimistic about their chances. Their bold plan is poised to shake up the cannabis industry in Massachusetts – While the two wait for approval they will open up Club Castaway under its existing business model in late March.


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