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Top 15 Celebrity Cannabis Brands: Find Out Which Stars Are Leading the Green Gold Rush!

The cannabis industry is buzzing with celebrity influence, and Hoodie Analytics has tracked over 9,000 cannabis brands to reveal the top 15 celebrity-backed names in the business. These rankings, based on sales figures from April 2024, showcase the stars who are not just making hits but also making millions in the cannabis market. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Cookies

  • Locations: AZ, BC, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NV, NY, ON, OR, WA

  • Sales: $12m-$13m

  • Info: Co-founded by Bay Area rapper Berner in 2012, Cookies maintains the top spot with impressive brand sales.

  1. Jeeter

  • Locations: AZ, CA, MI, ON

  • Sales: $3.5m-$3.8m

  • Info: Known for popular prerolls and collaborations with Dwayne Wade, Ricky Williams, and a new Bob Marley product.

  1. Khalifa Kush

  • Locations: AZ, MA, MD, NV, OR

  • Sales: $3.2m-$3.6m

  • Info: Launched by renowned rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2015, this brand continues to thrive.

  1. Garcia Hand Picked

  • Locations: MA, MD, MI, OR

  • Sales: $2m-$2.3m

  • Info: Created to honor Grateful Dead co-founder Jerry Garcia, in partnership with Holistic Industries.

  1. Tyson 2.0

  • Locations: AZ, CA, IL, MD, MI, MO, NV, NY, OH, WA

  • Sales: $1.4m-$1.6m

  • Info: Named after heavyweight champ Mike Tyson and founded in 2021.

  1. Caviar Gold

  • Locations: AZ, CA, MI, SK

  • Sales: $1m-$1.35m

  • Info: Produces Fryday Kush by Ice Cube and Snoogans by Jay and Silent Bob.

  1. Willie's Reserve

  • Locations: AZ, CA, CO, MO, NV, OH

  • Sales: $1m-$1.2m

  • Info: Founded by legendary musician Willie Nelson in 2015.

  1. 93 Boyz

  • Location: IL

  • Sales: $900k-$1.1m

  • Info: Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand, founded by rapper Vic Mensa in 2022.

  1. 22Red

  • Location: AZ

  • Sales: $850k-$1m

  • Info: Created by System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian in 2018.

  1. Cheech & Chong's

  • Locations: AZ, CO, NV

  • Sales: $800k-$1.2m

  • Info: Comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s brand, founded in 2020.

  1. Belushi's Farm

  • Locations: AZ, IL, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MS, NM, NV, NY, OR, PA

  • Sales: $850k-$950k

  • Info: Established by comic actor Jim Belushi in 2015, famous for their Blues Brothers brand.

  1. Dr. Norm's

  • Location: CA

  • Sales: $600k-$750k

  • Info: Premier edibles brand founded by Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson in 2017.

  1. TICAL

  • Locations: CO, MO, NY

  • Sales: $500k-$600k

  • Info: Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man launched this socially-conscious brand in 2020.

  1. Viola

  • Locations: AB, CO, NV, ON, OR, SK

  • Sales: $450k-$550k

  • Info: Founded by former NBA star Al Harrington in 2011.

  1. CANN Social Tonics

  • Locations: AZ, BC, CA, IL, MA, NV, NY, ON, SK

  • Sales: $400k-$600k

  • Info: Founded by Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson in 2018, with celebrity supporters like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Bubbling Under:

  • EVIDENCE (CA): $400k-$600k, founded by Dan, Casey, Kelly Dalton, and Damian Marley.

  • Primitiv (MI): $400k-$500k, co-founded by former NFL players Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims.

Hoodie Analytics provides comprehensive coverage of the cannabis industry, tracking thousands of brands to offer unparalleled data insights. With these latest figures, it's clear that celebrity-backed cannabis brands are making a significant impact on the market.

Which celebrity cannabis brand would you like to try the most?

  • Cookies by Berner

  • Jeeter by Dwayne Wade/Ricky Williams

  • Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa

  • Tyson 2.0 by Mike Tyson


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