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Review if the "HGDP Harlequin Grandaddy Purple" Flower Strain

Melissa Hall | The Chronic Magazine

When any aspiring cannabis aficionado locks eyes with the glass jars in the proverbial line up on a dispensary shelf, they will tell you their eyes automatically scan the green mounds that fill the jars, in hopes of spotting the purple hues, the fiery orange hairs, the extra frosty-ness; that stereotypically characterize the “good stuff”, the top shelf, the best of the best.

Amidst the pretty boys and the beauty queens holding the line, there is always that one jar. The one that might be pushed out of the way, the one that gets a little attention, or for that matter, even many second glances. This is the CBD flower or CBD: THC ratio flower. Now, I will be the very first to admit I was a total CBD snob. Although I knew the medical benefits of CBD were exceptional, there was no good reason for not trying the now increasingly popular medical marvel.

With the CBD ratio flower receiving so much awesome buzz, with so many readers taking that second look at; and wanting to know more about that cast to the side glass jar. I decided to get out of the groove of my normal quest for the best THC flower strain hunt. I wanted to take a closer look at the new, cool kid on the block the 1:1 ratio CBD: THC flower. There is only one strain that could possibly be appropriate for a CBD flower review following the Summer of 2019 in Oklahoma. You may have heard of a little cup show that blew thru Oklahoma City a few months ago. HGDP aka Harlequin Grandaddy Purple snatched the First Place High Times Cannabis Cup for CBD flower, making it an instant crowd favorite. The stunning growth of HGDP was by Craft Cannabis Company, out of Edmond, Oklahoma. The sample used for this review is also from the guys at Craft Cannabis Co.

To see HGDP on the normal dispensary line, it would be hard to distinguish upon a glance, that this CBD hybrid is any different than the rest of the pack. Spindly tangerine hairs blur the forest and lime green highlights on the densely symmetrical nuggets. A dusting of trichomes sparkle intensely and are sure to catch your eye in true Grandaddy Purple style. The bag appeal is extraordinary and almost gives comfort to die-hard THC lovers that are sacrificing their beloved high testing GDP numbers for the greater good of the medicine. The swift aroma of berries, the ever-present hereditary grape, and even a pungent splash of good ole’ Skunk, come on strong to steal Harlequin's thunder as a partner in this merger. Classic GDP flavor shines through and does not disappoint with a fruity yet gassy profile that will be reminiscent of your fave GDP grow with the first taste. This is not your Fathers CBD flower folks.

But, it is Harlequin that flexes it’s genetic muscle and becomes the Yin to GDPs Yang, exhibiting a CBD flower that has the best of both worlds. The pull of the Sativa and push of an Indica. The ratio of CBD:THC can vary, Being a 3 to 1 in many grows. The ratio is 1:1 in the sample HGDP.. This simply means there is a balance of CBD that highlights the physical and psychoactive healing properties of cannabis.

CBD provides The desired medical effects without the “high” that THC invokes. This allows pain relief, control over anxiety and depression, even used as therapy for cancer patients; without putting the user in a permanent- couch like state. This makes the strain great for people that need to medicate during the daytime but cannot, due to thc heavy affects. The effects can vary from user, but are truly felt by the novice CBD user. Instant pressure is lifted off the extremities and muscles are soothed. Mood is lifted and lightened without any spacey side effects. HGDP is a true champion. Any patient could extremely benefit from implementing CBD into their regimen. It is now a must-have in my daily routine. This extraordinary HGDP comes highly CannaCritic recommended. Remember, always medicate responsibly and stay lit Oklahoma.


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