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The legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky seems imminent.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

by Hunter Dublin | October 10, 2022

A committee assembled by Andy Beshear reported that many Kentucky adults support the legalization of medical marijuana, Beshear's office claimed on Friday.

After this year's failure in the state Senate to pass a measure legalizing medical marijuana, the Democratic governor established the Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee.

The committee's findings, Kentuckians with chronic diseases are not finding relief from opiates and medications and are afraid of their addictive qualities, Beshear stated. According to the committee, Beshear said that people in Kentucky travel to states where medicinal marijuana is permitted to obtain it and then want to return to Kentucky without breaking the law.

On the other note, in a news release from Beshear's office, the panel discovered that Kentucky-based military veterans claimed that cannabis use helped them cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kerry Harvey, the secretary of justice and public safety and co-chair of the committee, stated that the committee did not hear any objections at town hall meetings.

According to Harvey, everyone who spoke in favor of legalizing medical marijuana in Kentucky spoke. Many Kentuckians told us they utilize marijuana for its great medical advantages but are forced to break the law because of the current system.

Beshear said he is thinking about the data as he determines the next steps in legalizing medical marijuana, which he supports.


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