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The GLAZEE Brain Freeze

Part One:

Enter: Joe Housley

Joe met Leslie Horn, owner of Canna South dispensary, back in 2020 during the pandemic. He claims he proposed his idea, and passion to make a cannabis-infused slush, to her stepdaughter and after her stepdaughter presented Leslie with his idea Leslie showed little to no interest in the product or to have a meeting with him.

Joe’s passion wouldn’t let him just quit there, he alleges that he asked the stepdaughter to ask Leslie “How much money do I need to throw down for her (Leslie) to take me seriously and get a meeting?

According to Joe that was enough to pique her interest and to schedule a meeting in February 2020, at her southside shop Canna South.

Joe recalls he was far from impressed at his initial visit with the cannabis dispensary and the quality of products it carried saying “I can recall maybe 4 strains that all looked the edibles except Black Gold.”

Joe claims that Leslie presented herself as fully integrated into the industry, something he later found out to be false.

According to Joe, Leslie “went on about how black people need to help black people come up.” Joe claims he wasn’t believing everything he heard right away, so when she asked what he planned to name the slushie he was reluctant to say before an NDA was signed.

Photo provided by Joe Housley

Joe alleges that Leslie informed him that it would take an initial $5K investment to start this project, so on February 14th Joe gave Leslie a cashier's check and promissory note with a repayment date of August.

According to Joe, as he was leaving that day he overheard Leslie on the phone with someone saying “She has the money and will pay today.”

In early April, Joe claims Leslie asked him to come in for a meeting, a “progress report” on their Glazee project. During the meeting according to Joe Leslie “was trying to squeeze me for $50K.” to which he replied that he wouldn't be investing more money until he has seen some headway on their endeavor.

Later that week at another meeting with Leslie, Joe claims he heard her salesman for the Black Gold brand come in complaining to her that “ No one wants to buy Black Gold, the syrup separates.”

After hearing that Joe assumed that this is the reason his project is on hold, because of her lack of knowledge on how to properly make a water-soluble solution at the time.

According to Joe’s claims, he pushed forward and told Leslie that he was expecting to launch Glazee on 4/20/2020, by April 15 Joe alleges he had come up with a solution to the separation issue. He states Leslie was shocked and couldn't believe it worked.

GLAZEE, launched on 4/20 at Canna South and sold over 200 cups of the frozen drink that day. Joe claims when he came in at close “Leslie was very hesitant to disclose the success and would not even pay me any of the proceeds.” despite Leslie not putting any money forward on this deal.

In May of 2020, Joe was at a dispensary in Tulsa and he met a man named Justin who he alleges told him that Leslie was saying she started GLAZEE and was the owner of the products. This encounter and conversation were just the beginning of what was to come.

Photo provided by Joe Housley

According to Joe and state records in June of 2021, Leslie formed the GLAZEE LLC and was the only registered agent listed, the GLAZEE LLC is now labeled as inactive in the state of Oklahoma.

Screenshot from Oklahoma Secretary of State website

During this time the GLAZEE brand was growing beyond Oklahoma, claims Joe it caught the eye of a franchise owner in Texas and Georgia who wanted to carry their frozen drink but was infused with Delta 8.

According to Joe’s statement “Leslie wanted to be the point of contact with this particular account,” and he claims that Leslie knew the owner.

Joe claims he put up around 30K to finance the deal for equipment and product with an agreement that there were to be monthly payments made to him. According to Joe “I remember receiving three payments and the money stopped.”

Joe then goes on to claim that he was misled by Leslie, stating that the brand wasn’t having success and had fallen on hard times. Joe claims this was all a ploy by Leslie who he said wasn't paying her rent at her dispensary in order to save up for a move to a new location. He also claims the money the franchise was paying also went to help fund her new move.

Joe claims he realized there were more problems when Leslie delayed making him aware of several machines going down and needing repair, by the time it was brought to his attention, according to Joe the company wasn't in a position to allocate resources in that direction. He goes on to claim that this was before he had received any payments for the machines.

According to Joe during a meeting with Lotus Gold Leslie introduced him as her "machine guy" to their CEO, and he said he quickly corrected her and said he was the owner.

All this came to a boiling point in June of 2022 when according to Joe, he saw on social media that allegations had been made against Leslie for refusing to pay an employee, Katy Olivarez, and a disabled vet, Amber Olivarez claiming she had been ripped off as well.

Joe recalls “I met with Leslie on Juneteenth a little after 11 am” he goes on to explain the date and time to reference that Leslie's security cameras in store can verify the interaction. Joe claims this time ”She cussed me out and I fired her, she let me know that she came up the with name for GLAZEE and it was her idea despite the contract from 2020.”

Photos provided by Joe Housley

Joe also admits that some of his conduct may have been unprofessional that day but he claims it was out of anger from the whole situation.

Joe has parted ways from Leslie Horn and her store Canna South despite still not receiving payment for his investment and dealings with Leslie.

Since that day, Joe claims Leslie still refuses to pay him back any of the money and is still "bootlegging" his product using the GLAZEE name. According to Joe, he estimates Leslie owes him around $60K from machine sales and claims she was also skimming from the business.

Joe states that at this time taking legal action against Leslie is on hold while he launches his new brand and products.

Part Two:

ENTER: Katy and Amber Olivarez

Amber claims she and Katy stopped into a dispensary that was owned by Leslie's stepson, who eventually referred them to Canna South when they asked for work. Amber alleges that Katy started working at Canna South shortly before they changed locations.

According to Amber, they both helped with the move, at her grow, and also by helping fill her dispensary with merchandise of theirs, hats, shirts, pipes, grinders, and other cannabis accessories.

Amber claims that Katy received pay for one week of work and was told by Leslie that "money was low" because the electric bill at the new place was much higher than anticipated.

According to Amber, they agreed to be paid once Leslie was able to get caught up financially again, she also claims Leslie asked for money to buy THC distillate, an amount of $1300, that she agreed to lend Leslie.

Photo provided by Amber Olivarez
Amber alleges while she was texting Leslie's wife for Zelle information to send over the $1300 for distillate that she asked if he could keep some of the money because she needed $750. Amber Claims to also lend an additional $1000 to Leslie's wife to help her out that day.
Photo provided by Amber Olivarez

Amber claims that over the next 8 weeks as Katy worked at Canna South they continued to bring merchandise to the store, lent Leslie's wife an additional $600, and even let one of Leslie's stepsons borrow $1000 so he could avoid being homeless, all under the impression that they would be repaid.

According to Amber after 10 weeks Katy still didn't receive payment for working at Canna South and they weren't paid for any merchandise sold thru the store either. Amber claims that they have received less than $1000 from Leslie or anyone else for their hours worked, merchandise sold and the money she borrowed.

Amber states they have been seeking an attorney to take their case to help them recoup some of their money lost, money the two planned to use for a down payment on a house.

The Chronic Team's attempt to reach Leslie Horn for comments was unsuccessful.


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