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Stranger Danger- Man Hands Out Possible Pot Gummy Bears on Halloween

Photo Credit: South Chicago Heights P.D.

By: Buz Deliere | November 2, 2022

Jarod Feilen, a 25-year-old from suburban Chicago has been arrested after handing out, what authorities believe to be cannabis-infused gummies on Halloween because he "ran out of candy" according to local police.

When a parent noticed that their kids candy looked suspicious, they immediately turned the packages over to the police. The South Chicago Heights Police Department said it's unknown if the treats inside are infused with cannabis solely based on appearance alone and are waiting for results from the crime lab.

Photo Credit: South Chicago Heights P.D.
However, the appearance of the yellow gummy bears packaged without branding or print in clear shrink film over silver foil with black backing that strongly resembles cannabis packaged products.

A local father who was trick or treating in the area with his 4-year-old daughter overheard another parent say that a house in the neighborhood was handing out black packages of cannabis-infused gummies.

After inspecting his daughter's bag the father said he found several black packages of gummy bears that had a marijuana smell.

Thankfully there haven't been any reports of children in the area ingesting the possible cannabis-infused treats. Law enforcement continues to stress to parents the importance of always checking the candy their kids get from trick or treating before allowing them to eat it.

Feilen was arrested and faces five counts of child endangerment for handing out the believed to be cannabis-infused gummy bears on Halloween.


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