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Routine Traffic Stop in Pawnee County Results in More Than 50 Pounds of Pot Seized

By: Marie Scarci | December 30, 2022

Photo Credit: Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
Over 50 pounds of cannabis and cannabis products seized by the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office Thursday night

Wichita, Ks - On Thursday night, a Pawnee County Sheriff's Department traffic stop yielded an unexpected result - more than 50 pounds of cannabis were confiscated! Authorities are now investigating the situation to determine its origin.

The deputy's routine traffic stop on US 56 Highway in Pawnee County uncovered more than expected when the presence of cannabis was revealed by an assisting K-9 unit. The incident occurred at approximately 11:15 p.m.

During a thorough search, law enforcement uncovered two suitcases containing 47 vacuum-sealed bags filled with over 50 pounds of cannabis.

Two individuals have been arrested for offenses ranging from exceeding the speed limit to conspiracy to distribute cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of THC without a drug tax stamp.

The recent discovery of over 50 pounds of cannabis in Pawnee County, Kansas is an example of the black-market drug trade that has been steadily growing throughout Oklahoma and other states. In this case, authorities have not determined that the illegal drugs had made their way across state lines from Oklahoma to Kansas.

This incident serves as a reminder that although marijuana may be legalized or decriminalized in some states, it is still illegal under federal law and can result in serious criminal charges if caught trafficking it across state lines. The black market for cannabis continues to be a major problem in many parts of the country, with no end in sight until federal legalization and regulations can be put in place.

The identities of the two arrested were not released and there's no further information at this time.


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