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Rockstar Ivan Moody and Pot Star Exhale Team Up for New Cannabis Line

By: Marie Scarci | November 28, 2022

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Ivan Moody, of Five Finger Death Punch, is no stranger to cannabis "I started smoking cannabis at a young age," he says in a recent interview about growing up in Denver “Cannabis is something I’ve always been a huge advocate of. It had always been in my life recreationally and socially.”

After going through his alcohol addiction and recovery he realized cannabis can help with his loss of appetite, restlessness, and anxiety and replace several of the medications he was currently prescribed.

Cannabis helps Moody to be able to take control of his day and manage what is really important to him, and be a part of a movement that has so many potential benefits to helping people.

Moody says, “I’m just sincerely proud to be a part of something that will be so valuable to the rest of society in the long run.”

After four years of being sober, the star from Five Finger Death Punch is launching his own cannabis line, in partnership with Exhale in Las Vegas, called Greenings by Moody’s Medicinals.

Moody’s Medicinals is the star’s CBD line that was released back in 2019 with sugar-free shots for calming and also throat sprays.

“I launched Greenings as a testimony to the powerful change it had on my life and now I get to share that passion and relief with others,” he says in an interview “Also because, Method Man told me to, and Wu-Tang is for the children.”

Greenings will feature high-quality premium flower, infused pre-rolls, and even gummies, some of the strains of cannabis include Angel De La Muerte, Ill Moody, and Mood Swings.

The gummies will come in 10mg doses and in Strawberry, Dragon Fruit Punch, and Sour Blood Orange flavors.

Greenings products should be available in December in Exhale dispensaries and other locations in the Las Vegas area and the company plans to expand operations to the Arizona and California market next.


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